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Ukus i tradicija – For all senses

Montenegro is a wonderful country. We take pride in our landscapes, culture, diversity and what not. But, what probably sets us apart from the rest of the world (at least we think so) is that there is but a small number of places on earth where you can enjoy as you can here. One of our natural wonders is hidden in the National park of Skadar Lake. And there is an old family, who has occupied Skadar Lake’s vineyards for centuries now. This is their story.

Pejanović family is known for their fine wines and natural syrups in the southern region of the country. Everything they do, they do the old-fashioned way and that’s what adds value to their products. Tourism is growing, so they decided to put their quality spirits and other beverages out there. We were in charge of developing their new brand identity, also as their first ever webshop. 

To even begin the work, we had to dig deep into the roots of that region to understand what the Pejanovic family was trying to tell the world. We realized that they need to spread the word about nature that gives them the opportunity to turn fruits into elixirs for body and mind. And that’s the idea that we brought to the table/drawing board and designed the logo and packaging. It served as a basis for a new website, too. We used a WordPress template and customized it. In the end, we added online payment, making it a nice webshop. 

With the new branding and webshop, Ukus i tradicija brand grows exponentially. Montengrins flock to Pejanovic’s estate to enjoy wines, syrups and other homemade delicacies. And not just that. Webshop is getting traction, too. More and more people want a piece of Skadar Lake in a bottle. Nothing left to say, but – cheers!

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