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You probably know about the fuss when the child is born. Parents are doing everything at the last minute and the family wants to jump in. But it’s usually hard to tell what the newborn really needs. And in all that mess and the preparations for celebration – who’s got time to go to the store, right? Babyshop bridges the gap between these small and beautiful problems and the need for good products and fast delivery.

First question that came up was – how to connect thousands of products with payment sources. Being a haven for babies and bigger children, we had to come up with unique design patterns and clean UX&UI. If that wasn’t enough, the deadlines were (of course) so short it made our team cry at moments.

But, tears aside, they did a hell of a job. Developer synched an e-commerce platform. Now it’s fully integrated with payment providers. Designers gave their best to make it a webshop that stands out. They drove inspiration from baby world and parental blogs, where people talk about their best role in their lives so far. Whole process was monitored by the project manager, whose role was to see to everything being done on time and perfect as it could be.

It was an easy choice. Able is creating websites for 15 years. So, for a reasonable price you get quality and experience. Not to mention great communication with Jovana and the team. Everything was on point. I would definitely recommend doing work with them.

Petar Dragaš, CEO Babyshop

Brand new platform is popular in Montenegro, as well as in other European countries. Relatives from all around, who can be present at the main event, send their regards by just clicking a few buttons and paying from abroad. So far it has 3.5K-4.5K visitors and shoppers every month. Not bad at all. And the youngsters are happy to have all the attention/toys and gadgets they need.

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