Crnogorski Telekom

This story (kinda) began back in 2005. when big players began flocking into Montenegro. One of them, and we could say – one of the prestigious ones, was Deutsche Telekom.

Quick overview

To put it short – this telecommunications giant is present in Montenegro by the name of Crnogorski Telekom. With over half a million customers and ever changing business landscape, Crnogorski Telekom was in need of a brand new, custom built, corporate website. So we offered our know-how and team of 20+ people. In terms of work scope – let’s just say that the company has 50% share in internet coverage and 33% in mobile network nationwide. Oh.. And 500+ employees, too.


With such an amount of online traffic and a shift towards e-sales, Crnogorski Telekom tasked us with a specific request of building a platform, which should be intuitive, more dynamic and responsive.

One of the main challenges was automation of business processes related to: e-commerce, marketing, storage and payment.

Plus, the old platform was loosely integrated with the backend ordering system. We had to make an integration with Crnogorski Telekom’s AMDOCS back office system and a few others. All along the way we were obliged to follow Deutsche Telekom’s global guidelines.


First things first – Able completely changed the structure of the old website. We came up with unique design features and modules. Then, we turned to the development of completely new UX and dynamic e-commerce functionalities. E-Commerce platform has been developed with a fully functional product catalogue. Client’s essential request was – responsiveness, so we gave our best to match the desktop and mobile version. 

To be continued…

Since it is a full custom built website, Able is in charge of maintenance and developing new functionalities.

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Back-End Developer: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, MySQL
  • Front-End Developer: Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, Kendo UI, Node.js (npm), Webpack
  • Project Management: Atlassian Jira, TFS, Skype, Discord, G suite

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