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Šime is back – Viber stickers

Šime is back!

Eva Viber stickers

Wait, you want to say that you’ve persuaded someone who is the traditional person and hardly changes his habits to come into the online world? And only in a few months?

A good old saying is that nothing is impossible if you want it big enough and that this claim is true, we can talk about on the example of Šime, the cover face of the brand Eva. :)

How did it begin?

In cooperation with Šime’s team, we decided that it’s time to present this most charming Adriatic fisherman on one of the most popular communication platforms.

Šime like Šime – despite the fact that he is known like someone who is traditional, he is still completely relaxed and someone with whom it is easy to make an agreement, so he gave us a green light and the whole process started. :D

What made our job easier is that Šime once told us how others see him – as a carefree optimist who is their first association on the sea and childhood and who always awake positive emotions and memories.

However, no matter how relaxed and bright-spirited he is, he doesn’t accept anything less than high quality, both in terms of brand products and his personal marketing, so he made it clear to us – job must be done perfect and precise even in the smallest details. :)

And the result?

25 Viber stickers approved by Šime. In trust, he told us that he can’t choose the only one which is his favorite and dares you to try to do that. :)

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