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Stara Čaršija

The historical intertwining motif emerges from Persia, and one can notice the same permeating through all cultures – Early Byzantine, Late Antiquity, Early Byzantine, Islamic, and many more.

The essence is in the non-figurative ornamentation that s modeled on a vast Mediterranean heritage. The weave is of a specific style, the one which through its symbolism unites all the cultures.

The motif of a triangular weave connects people and religions, be it Christian or Islamic, throughout the centuries. 

The character form is open and has underlying dynamics of movement and continuation.

The interweave gave the sign of warmth, and by adding as an underlying tone of our logo, we wrapped in tradition and luxury, as graphism, was reduced to a minimalist approach. 

Symmetry, harmony, and order suggest a homogeneous environment, which points to such a standardized offer that you can expect in a restaurant.

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