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The old town Perast caterers association

We are especially pleased when we work on developing and strengthening domestic brands.  Creating a logo for the old town Perast caterers association was not an exception.

The association aims to provide support for the promotion of the old town of Perast as an elite touristic destination. Furthermore, it aims at improving the tourist and public infrastructure, with the support of the project “Perast – a city without vehicles.” The association emphasizes the exchange of experience and establishing cooperation with other cities in Europe and the world that have successfully valorized their rich cultural and historical heritage.

Also, strengthening the level of awareness of the local community and the economy on the importance of cultural heritage, as well as its valorization through cultural tourism, are some of the goals of the association, along with the support in the preparation and implementation of relevant projects financed by domestic and international donors.

The motive taken as the starting point for the graphics solution of the logo is the rosetta from the Our Lady of the Rocks since this church is one of the cultural centers of the Bay of Kotor.

The solution represents an emancipated form which in grouped lines suggests unification, gathering, and protection. Since it is rich in detail, the sign is entirely suitable for use in ornamental purposes, accompanying graphics.

The Association provides support to the sustainable development of Bay of Kotor and preserving one of the essential resources – natural beauties, and the symmetry present in the sign is the one that emphasizes the presentation of a coherent organization.

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