Safe Bikely – Lockers with a pinch of IoT

Quick overview

Do you know that 3.5M bikes get stolen in Europe every year? That makes it – six per minute. Yes, you can buy some kind of lock, but that won’t stop thieves in their malicious intent. Well, until now. We present to you a new breed in the bicycle storage world – Safebikely. In short – there is a big box on the sidewalk, in the park, or in front of your office and actually what it is – is your own bike parking space. And all you need to do is get the Safebikely app and rid yourselves of the worry. Plus, if you are in the rush, you can store some other goods, too. There is plenty of space.


Our partners from Norway had the app in hand, but it needed modifications and upgrades. The problems were related to pretty generic backend solutions. That meant a whole lot of pain for the client, because the performance of the app was poor and that further meant – bad user experience. Speaking of UX/UI – the client’s initial requirement was an immediate upgrade and coming up with new ideas. Also, one of the first tasks for our tech department was the creation of a new admin panel.

Able solutions

New admin panel is in the phase of development and it is going to be based on improved architecture. Able added a dashboard for easier business flow tracking. Our design team made a new logo for Safebikely and our third team is working on a new website. The mobile app is refreshed with new colors and there are new simplified registration flow and language picker. Since we’re talking about a sort of IoT solution, of course, we are on the cloud.

To be continued…

We are in the negotiation process with the client at the moment. We are thinking of how to proceed. Do we create a completely new mobile app or should we drastically redesign the existing one… Also, we are talking about the creation of a new device management platform.

  • Languages:C#, JavaScript
  • Back-End Developer: .Net Core
  • Front-End Developer: React.js
  • DevOps: Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud
  • Project Management: Atlassian Confluence, Slack, Hangouts


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