Corporate Web development
We are aware there are a lot of sharks out there. But, we suppose you’d like to swim with bigger fish?

They say – you can hide a body on a second page of Google search. We say – you can’t be on a second page of Google if your presence on Google is non-existent. Along the way we’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their online presentations. Accordingly, in time, web development became our trademark. We even caught the attention of big players. We specialize in WordPress. And we are proud of our own custom made solutions.

Baby shop – Website development

Check out how we do it:

  • CMS or custom?

     By now you already know that we can work on an existing theme and upgrade it to the point where it kicks ass. But, we can create one of a kind solution tailored exclusively for your needs. What’s it gonna be is actually the decision we need to make together. After evaluating your operations model and hearing your ideas, we will come up with simple analysis on – how to proceed.  

  • Sitemap and content

     There are two important people in this phase. Actually three. Or maybe four. 
Project manager will get all the paperwork done. Then the information architect takes over and organizes the structure using all the stuff you need on your website. Then, it’s time for our magic. UX designers will make low fidelity sketches, turn them into high fidelity mockups and ultimately into – prototype. When you approve that, our UI team gets its hands on every single detail or pixel. After that it’s time for “heavy lifting” which is provided by our front and back end developers. With your desired solution coming to an end of development stage, it’s time for inspection, testing and data entry. All that’s left is the production phase and for you to sit and enjoy your new web ID.

  • Consultations

     Down the road you will have all sorts of suggestions. And we know how to listen. Just be gentle. Until the final product is presented to you, we’d like to hear all the ideas that will help make it rock.

  • Training

     You may be familiar with how CMSs work, maybe not. Either way, we’ll show you. You’ll get the invitation to come to our offices and we’ll walk you through it. Plus – you’ll get the hard copy of the instructions. Just in case.

We have designed and developed a website for Ekhart Yoga, the biggest yoga video platform in Europe
Website development for Uniqa Pure
Novogradnja – real estate eCommerce platform
Čelebić Group – website development
Website development for Filmski center Crne Gore
University of Montenegro – Guideliness for web standards and website development

We can say with great confidence that this is our glass of beer. We’ve done so many websites over the years, that we’ve lost count. Of course, we offer the following services, too:

  • maintenance
  • hosting
  • domain lease
  • SSL certificates