Quality assurance
Think of it as of a mother taking care of her child from the very inception. We nurture it, bring it to this world, look after it and we make sure it is ready to leave home.

Our aim is to increase the conversions and mistakes are not tolerated. To get there we use various methods of testing. We are kind of addicted to it. Our day starts with Google Analytics, Hotjar and other tools we use to stalk behaviour of your visitors.

And it doesn’t stop there. When you’re buying a car you take it to a mechanic to see if it runs properly.  Same here. Only, you don’t have to take your software anywhere.We are doing it for you. We’ll take it for a spin using a combination of manual and automatic testing, which so far proved to be the most efficient. Using micromanagement explanation – our devs code day and night (and test along the way), but right before deployment, our QA team takes over. They write more code to test the code. And so on… You get the picture.