Nilex – Nordic ITSM powerhouse

Following the breakthrough of technical advances in the 1990s, the market has paved the way for the development of effective ITSM solutions that could accelerate, improve and maintain continuity of a wide range of businesses. In this light we’ll present our long-term Swedish partner Nilex, who’s devoted to developing tools which help companies manage their own resources since 1993.


From 2015, Able was able to participate in the full-cycle development and design of technologically sustainable solutions that Nilex provided to its customers. Considering the long-lasting nature of the project, at first it was challenging to take over the development of such a product that had a poor code quality and various performance issues. The aim of the client was to upgrade the system in terms of technology, and make it available on Cloud. Moreover their strategic approach to development required general specialisation in products that could create a slightly different sales model, turned at gaining new customers on primarily  Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets.


Since the growing tide of operational issues hampers the executives‘ ability to focus on innovation, the ITSM solutions have to be systematically designed, scalable and open to further enhancement. In the last few years, Able was involved in the end-to-end process of designing and developing functionalities that arise from customers’ needs. During the continuous development, engineers were careful in adopting practices that are adaptable to clients specific business models, making the product comprehensible and easy to use. On the other hand, the project has launched many functionalities that supported Nilex in reinventing their business strategy. 


As a result, the product was significantly improved in terms of code quality and the overall structure of business architecture. Fully documented data models were produced to facilitate the collation and structuring of data. Over the time Nilex has launched several packages and versions that were  able to streamline and structure service management for different types of enterprises. 

The development of Agent and Self-Service portals centralized the communication command that recorded significant reduction in customers‘ email contacts. Furthermore the majority of IT requests were pushed through the service catalogue, which made the customers able to track their inventories and manage other significant data archives. The tools for social media management, on the other hand, maximized the user experience in collecting data, thus enabling a better cross-channel communication in general. 

The product was recently upheld with the powerful and complex billing system that allows customers to manage their finances and yet to provide meaningful outputs to their end-users. This is how the company can take care of the system as a whole, with finances being a very important managerial asset.  

These solutions also gained prominence due to compliance with international ITIL practices and provisions related to data protection and privacy in the form of the EU’s GDPR. 

Finally, minding the brand empowerment strategy, Able came up with an exquisite website design that used an intuitive UX to reach the targeted niche on new markets and thus gain the brand new pool of customers.

Technologies and tools

  • DevOPS: Private Cloud ( Mini data center)
  • Languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Front-End: AngularJs, Kendo-ui, JQuery
  • Back-End: .Net, .Net Core, MSSQL, NHibernate, Visual Studio, Log4Net, IdentityServer, WCF, Windows Services, Entity Framework, MIcrosoft Bot Framework
  • Mobile Developer: Cordova
  • Manual and automation: web and mobile software testing
  • UX&UI: JustinMind
  • Project Management: TFS, Skype, Discord, G suite


public vs private sector users


customers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany

50 000+

end users


Swedish municipalities use Nilex


Danish municipalities use Nilex

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