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„The migration to a new development partner with a platform that is having hundred thousands of visitors on a monthly basis is a big step. Ever since the first contact and all along with the migration Able has been an extended part of our team and family. With very clear lines of communication and flawless documentation, they have made light years of improvements to our product and the experience for our customers. We highly recommend Able.“ (Bas Paul – Founder of Ekhart Yoga)

Quick overview

Ekhart Yoga is a badass online platform based in the Netherlands, with subscribers in 122 countries all over the world. With monthly traffic of 100K visitors, 40TB of video streaming and 80GB of content it is one of the biggest in the business. The biggest in Europe. It all started back in 2012, when Esther Ekhart’s dream became reality.

Today, 50 teachers offer 4.5K online yoga classes and much more…


In2018. the platform was a bit out of shape and it needed structural upgrades. Monolith application used meant – no microservices. Application tools were outdated too and everything was based on the old PHP version. That brought a lot of security issues. Able had to insure a balance between platform stability and building new features. At that point, Ekhart Yoga was unable to offer flawless experience to its emerging markets across the globe. 


We set the team of 10 of our brightest and synced them with the goal of delivering contemporary, high-end, high quality, up to the standard – product. Our first aim was to keep the existing platform alive and stop it from crashing every once in a while. We started with the track record a.k.a – documenting the work which also serves as a foundation for the future steps. With it, the payment system was on the brink of collapse, too, so we had to implement a new one. By stabilizing the platform, we got to the point of making a new environment in Docker. From that point forward ideas kept coming. We made a decision to move to the cloud. Azure gave us the opportunity to have an open infrastructure. And then it was time to start polishing. Our UX team got its hands on changing the looks of homepage, on-boarding, new notifications flow, comments and FAQ redesign…

To be continued..

Even though EY came to us with a handful of requests, we became a sort of business family. We consult daily. The most important decision we made together was to move forward with a complete rewrite of the platform. At the moment we have a vision divided into three objectives: new scalable and stable environment, faster and more modern website and reliable and usable data. Basically, it means we are making the whole process easier – for the user and for the stakeholders, also. Prettier, too.

Now all yogis can focus on cleansing their minds and bodies, with no distractions.

To see what we’ve actually achieved check out the website, and of course the results below.


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